From the recording Begin Again

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It Takes a Whole Lot of Jesus
Words and Music by Randy Seedorff
© Danjartay Music 2021

Talking with Jesus driving all night in my car
We shared how we journeyed together and what brought us this far
Pulled to the side of the road with tears in my eyes
I let the past overtake me and trouble my mind

These mountains I’m climbing-are looking much higher
Than I’ve ever known in my life
I need you more than ever before, Lord especially tonight
These valleys are wider-the desert seems dryer
Questioned myself all that it can
It takes a whole lotta Jesus and lovin for me to stand

How did I manage to carry this baggage-feels like the weight of the world
You’d think that by know I’d lay it down after all my mistakes that I’d learn
But I held my grip on hurt when I should have let go
My faith had been tested-attitude busted-through a dark night of the soul

In a moment light dawned in my heart and I knew the truth
That if I repented from wounds left un-mended
I would be healed and renewed.